Vision and mission

'There are more than 50 million people in the USA who can trace their ancestry to Slavic roots. The Slavic population is the largest ethnic group in the United States. But it is also true that most Slavs have been absorbed into the general population, leaving them without a voice on important domestic and foreign issues' - says Reverend Ivan D. Dornic, a prominent Pan-Slavic activist in North America and the founder of the Slavic American National Convention (SANC). 

The objective of SANC  is to be a forum for  promotion of Slavic interests, awareness and culture in North America. Slavic American National Convention was formed for the following purposes:

1. SANC is organised exclusively for the educational and charitable purposes of engaging, conducting and/or establishing a forum for Slavic Americans to voice their ideas and concerns in a united Slavic effort. Such concerns include economic, social, educational, human rights and religious issues of this country.

2. SANC is to conduct seminars, cultural exhibits, festivals and National Conventions for the propmotion and advancement of these common goals. 


The first Slavic American National Convention took place in Baltimore, Maryland in August 22-24, 1980. The Convention was a Pan-Slavic event, accompanied by a Slavic Festival that featured a wide variety of cultural exhibits, entertainment and culinary sampling from Eastern Eruope. 

The Slavic American National Convention of 1980 was a big success, rallying up large amounts of participants with origins from the entire Eastern Europe, and those interested in Slavic culture. The convention featured notorious panelists active in work for East European causes. 

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The founder and the President of the Slavic American National Convention is Reverend Ivan D. Dornic - a prominent proponent of the Pan-Slavic cause in North America.