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St. Mary's Assumption Eastern Rite Catholic Mission Churches

The establishment of our Church in Baltimore, Maryland is the outgrowth of a dream and much dedicated effort. From Church history, it can be seen that the Catholic Church is actually composed of two major groups: the Western and Eastern Rites; a 'rite' referring to either Western/Roman or Eastern/Byzantine branches of Christian organization. Western or Catholic rite developed over the centuries according to the customs and culture of a particular people and geographical area, guided by the Pope. The Byzantine Rite of the Eastern Catholic Church traces its traditions through the ancient Church of Constantinople to the original Christian Churches of Jerusalem, Antioch and Alexandria. The Slavic Churches of Eastern Europe are the offspring of these and bring to the Byzantine Rite their own customs and ethnic traditions. 

In 1975, a small group of Byzantine Catholics of Harford County, Maryland began to use the Chapel of the local Roman Catholic Church for weekly church services. As the need grew for their own and more permanent place in which to worship, the community leased an old and at the time unused methodist Church building on Emmorton Road new Bel Air. The first Liturgy was celebrated there in September, 1977 and dedicated to the Assumption of the Mother of God. Father Dornic became the permanent Pastor for the Parish in 1981, and rededicated it under the patronage of Saints Cyril and Methodius. Under Father Dornic's direction, an agreement was made in August of 1985 with the Baltimore Roman Catholic Archdiocese in which the 98-year-old St. Mark's Church of Fallston, scheduled for demolition, would be dismantled and reassembled at a new location for use by the members of his Byzantine parish. With the work of European craftsmen brought in by Father Dornic for that purpose, the historic church building was reconstructed at its present location on Mountain Road in Harford County. The restored and completed church was formally opened for use on August 18, 1991 with Divine Liturgy and Solemn Blessing.

Lemko Housing, Tatry Housing and St. John's Community stand as the realization of the Parish's Pastor's and Congregation's dedication to giving people a sense of meaning, new life and hope, by the feeling of belonging in God's Family.

The Church is located at 2807 Mountain Road, Joppa, Maryland

You can reach the Rectory by calling (410) 542-8337.