Slavic Community Center Initiative

Your support needed!!! SANC has an initiative to establish a Slavic Community Center in the Slavic area of Baltimore, Fell's Point. Such Community Center would provide high added value for the Slavic community here, as there is a large amount of people with Slavic origins in Baltimore and the are. The Center would be a place for information, recreation and cultural exchange for all people with Slavic origins and (other) Americans. 

The Slavic Community Center would include:

- programmes helping the elderly - finding and planning for health resources, assisted living when needed, personal care personnel, final arrangements.

- programmes for handicapped, disabled

- economic opportunities, business opportunities, employment opportunities

- educational programmes helping students with scholarships, housing and general support

- immigration help

* call and check for a tour possibility, brochures, Park Heights

- a library with books, periodicals and information from and about Eastern Europe and North America;

- a language center for the learning of English, and of Slavic languages of demand;

- a place for Slavic people and those interested in Eastern Europe to meet and share their views and cultures;

- a place for cultural events, including a Slavic cinema club, Sunday school, etc.;

- other cultural, informational and recreational purposes.


Practical information:

SANC already has a building in mind that should serve as a Slavic Community Center. The building is located at 606 S. Ann Street, Baltimore, Maryland - in the heart of the Slavic area of Baltimore, Fell's Point. This building was until recently the city's Public Library. The Slavic population in Baltimore is over 100.000 people, and the Slavic community of Baltimore is centered around this area, with a number of Slavic churches, several housing communities for the elderly, cafés (Ze Mean Bean Café), shops, youth centers and stores.


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* Photo of library