Welcome to the web-site of the Slavic American National Convention (SANC). Here you can find information about this Pan-Slavic Organization in North America, its activities, projects and contact information.

The Slavic American National Convention (SANC) was founded in 1980 by Reverend Ivan Dornic. The objective of the SANC is to be a forum for  promotion of Slavic interests, awareness and culture in North America. 

Currently SANC is organizing an All-American Pan-Slavic Convention in February 2003 at the Main Convention Center in Baltimore, Maryland. All interested in the Slavic causes and culture are welcome to attend. Here you will find more information about the upcoming

The Slavic American National Convention has currently a number of projects and activities running in the state of Maryland. The SANC activity centers around the charming historic Fell's Point, which is a Slavic area of Baltimore. The Slavic American National Convention is active in supporting the poor and the elderly. SANC runs a number of Housing Projects: Lemko Community Housing for the Elderly with the Daycare Centre for the Elderly, Tatry Housing for the Poor.

SANC runs a number of projects aimed at increasing American awareness of the Slavic culture, art and culinary tradition.  You can participate in celebrating an authentic Slavic Mass at  St. Mary's Byzantine Catholic Church in Bel Air (Baltimore-Washington Metro area).  A wealth of Slavic and Eastern Right religious works of art and souvenirs can be found or ordered at the Holy Wisdom Store.  You will ascend to the Slavic heaven at the cozy Ze Mean Bean Café, which will offer you a wide variety of delicious East-European fare, or their 'If you're single, let's mingle' activity! Additionally, there is a Slavic entertainment hall 'Stodola' in this area. SANC has a proposal to create a Slavic Community Center in the Baltimore's Slavic area of Fell's Point.  Also, please see Links to other Slavic Information to find the wealth of Slavic Churches in Baltimore - Washington Area.

The most prominent project of the Slavic American National Convention currently in preparation is the East European Cultural Center - an authentic fun and culture emporium, unique on the American continent, the only true East European experience on this side of the Atlantic.